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Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ - News 

2/27/09 5:00 PM 





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The United Church of Cookeville, UCC, is pleased to announce that following a 
nation-wide search, on February 8th they called Paige Pearson to serve as their full- 
time pastor beginning March 1, 2009. Paige, a graduate of Candler School of Theology 
was ordained in 2004, and has served in chaplaincies since that time. The congregation 
also announced that they purchased their building after having rented it since they 
organized five years ago. 

Brookmeade Congregational UCC, Nashville announced that Lauryn Ross, a 
member of the church has left to work for several months with Anil and Theresa 
Henry at the Christian Hospital in Mungeli, India. The Henry's are member of 
the congregation. The church has supported Lauryn's trip with fundraisers and special 

Anil Henry has been in touch with us to say that two groups have visited the Mungeli 
hospital from Sandy Springs Christian Church (the host of the upcoming Southeast 
Conference Annual Meeting) over the last two months. 

Holy Trinity Community UCC, Nashville, with the 
leadership of Tony England, is the organizer of the Upper 
Room Fellowship which is hosted in the UCC congregations of 
Nashville on a rotating basis. The next gathering will take 
place from 5:00—7:00 at First United Church of Christ, 
Nashville, and features Associate Conference Minister Kathy 
Clark. On Saturday, May 16th, the Fellowship will gather at 
Howard Congregational UCC, and the featured speaker 

will be Conference Minister Tim Downs. The next gathering will be October 17th, and 

will feature Associate Conference Minister Cameron Trimble. 

Cliff Aerie, of the Proclamation, Identity and Communication Ministries of the UCC in 
Cleveland has alerted us to a tour by the Oikos Jazz Ensemble in Tennessee. On 
Friday, March 6th, they will be playing a Jazz Vespers service at Brookmeade 
Congregational UCC, on Saturday morning March 7th and again on Sunday morning 
March 8th, a Mission Jazz Concert at Pleasant Hill Community UCC, and finally on 
Sunday, March 8th an evening jazz worship at Holy Trinity Community UCC, 

Thank you to the Following Pledging Congregations to OCWM Basic 

We have sent a pledge form to each of the congregations of the Southeast Conference 
and have received forms back from the following churches, totally over 

Pilgrim Congregational UCC, Birmingham 

Deer Lodge Congregational UCC, Deer Lodge, TN 

Pilgrimage UCC, Marietta, GA 

Pleasant Hill Community UCC, TN 

First Congregational UCC, Talladega 

Trinity Congregational UCC, Athens, AL 

Union United Church of Christ, Tougaloo, MS 

United Church UCC, Cookeville, TN 

Garden of Grace UCC, Columbia, SC 

Peace Congregational UCC, Clemson, SC 

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Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ - News 

2/27/09 5:00 PM 

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Posted on February 27, 2009 

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